What’s your background?:
I received a degree in architecture from UWA in 1991. I worked for various architects in both Perth and Melbourne before establishing Ecotecture in 1997. 

What inspired you to start Ecotecture?
In my childhood we had lived in the Kimberlies, Pilbara, Perth and Albany experiencing a wide range of different climates. I believe this influenced my inner belief that buildings need to respond effectively to their local setting. I started delving into this line of thinking in the mid-nineties, before establishing Ecotecture in 1997.

What does Ecotecture do?
Ecotecture is a building design practice, that combines the client’s brief with an ecological design philosophy to produce intelligent buildings that operate on the levels of practical amenity, environmental sensitivity & aesthetic beauty.

Could you detail an example of your passive solar design solution?
My own house in Hilton, Perth WA, has large north facing windows with deep enough eaves to protect them from the summer sun, while still taking advantage of the lower altitude winter sun, which penetrates deeply into the centre of the house. The house is also very well insulated particularly on the external west wall and the roof where most heat is gained in summer. The use of louvres for cross ventilation was also a big success. The external walls are insulated timber frame, while the internal walls are brick; a strategy of using the density of brick as a thermal mass element contained within the house. The use of recycled timber for the main beams, timber studwork & floorboards, along with recycled steel joinery gives the house a very low carbon footprint.

What are your usual projects?
I don’t really have a typical project, but the most successful ones are clients who subscribe to the similar values under the question above “What does Ecotecture do”. When there is a shared vision for the project like this, the outcomes are always very successful.
Matthew Wallwork
ecotecture | established in 1997 | winner of Fremantle Heritage Awards 2003, 2008.
Founder & Director, ecotecture
Ecotecture is a Fremantle Heritage Award Winning practice based in Perth, Western Australia. Ecotecture's passive designed homes have gained many fans in the Perth and surrounding areas.

"When I am designing a house I ensure the environmental conditions such as the Fremantle Doctor is central to the house's passive solar design.

"Perth's greatest challenge is keeping houses cool during summer. So if house is designed well with cross ventilation it can cut down significantly on the use of air-conditioning.

"In my design process I start with a thorough briefing with the client to uncover the design challenge. The design challenge ultimately is to create a building that answers the brief, to a budget the client is satisfied with.

"As part of this process I discuss with the client his/her main functional goals and objectives. We nut-out the wish-list and prioritise them into the design. The client receives preliminary drawings, 3D sketches and artistic interpretations, which includes basic plans and elevations. From there it’s a collaborate process to agree on the final design where the client is exceptionally thrilled." - Matt Wallwork

Matt Wallwork is a passive solar design specialist in Perth, designing beautiful homes and houses using energy efficient, sustainable, recycled, low-impact materials within a modest budget.
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Winner Fremantle Heritage Awards 2003, 2008